The Good Escape

Everything and everyone we love, everything we loathe, everyone we admire and those we are repulsed by, everything we fear and everything that comforts us, every joy and success we celebrate, every debilitating sorrow that cripples us, every thing we own and those we covet, everyone who has hurt us and every guilt we feel for those we damaged, every friend we swear by and every foe we want to destroy, every wish we make, every promise we break, that endless love we crave and that broken heart we try to rise above, every thought we nurture and each memory we try to forget, all the highs and all the lows, everything we own and each precious thing we lose, every emotion we feel and every thought that seduces us and grips us…They are just part of a maze, that we need to get out of.

The more complex we make our minds, the more wants and desires we have, the more emotional baggage we carry, the more grudges we feel, the more attached we are to those we love…the more walls there are.

They do to us as a hedge would do to an escapist. They are there not to get us or reward us but simply tell us that we are not out of the woods yet. That we should make an end of those things should tell us that we have already forgotten the purpose of us being in there, which is to get out. Our purpose is not to try and make a life out of being lost but to escape.


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